This is a warning to all in the Alberta, Canada region. This is a warning and a plea for understanding.
Please be cautious reading if you are triggered by the mentions of rape or sexual abuse.

Before I begin my story and warning here is something to keep in mind.
Holding silence of this magnitude for so long is the worst thing you could wish on another person.
Everyone tells you that there are side effects- that there’s trauma, but what media and most sources forget to include is detail of the magnitude..
Maybe some of you know. Maybe some of you don’t, but even if you haven’t experienced sexual abuse there’s always an embedded fear in most women’s minds.
I’m hoping that here on tumblr I can shine through the silence for the first time in my life, without fear, because the last few years have been full of threats and fear over what happened.
The nightmares and depression I’ve had from holding this in, and everything I feel now, the misery and pain while this girl lives her life without regret, without a care in the world- it’s finally coming out.

This girl is named Sarah Shillington [x], she lives in Spruce Grove, Alberta. She goes to a lot of conventions Canada-wide and possibly some in the USA. She’s part of a popular cosplay group in Canada, [x], and she lives a decently happy life, with loving parents and friends, (one pictured with her in above cosplay photo.) who are willing to go to extreme lengths to stop her from receiving any consequences of her actions.

I was raped, sexually harassed, harassed, degraded, and continually sexually assaulted by this girl less than few years ago.
Most people who hear this deny it because ‘it hasn’t happened to them’ or because she’s a female, and they don’t see any harm she can do because of that fact.

I come here knowing that I’m in a decent and just community, and that most of you respect a victims right to speak out, and even now I’m creating an entirely new account to share my story out of fear of her friends, but I know that I’m in the safest place I can be to post this, and to know people will not shame me, as several of her friends, my friends, and adults have done when I tried to talk about this.

I know I’m not the only one she’s harassed, and made uncomfortable, and I know for a fact I’m not the only one she’s abused.
After being hurt I talked to her exes, and even her longest friends, and I discovered that there were quite a few people who opened up after hearing my own story.

Her best friend, the girl in the picture above, is known to be a strong defender, admitting that Sarah is a rapist, but continuing to tell people who claim they were hurt that they’re bullying her by calling her a rapist. She is also in the cosplay group, and stands firm, snapping on anyone who tries to speak out and degrading them, and harassing them.

This girl is highly dangerous, not just to her partners, but to her friends. She doesn’t have any concept of no, or personal space, and has been known to get aggressive when fought off.
She is over legal age and she is fully capable of making decisions.
She’s sent apology letters to some of her exes when confronted with what she did.. That has a lot of nerve, in itself.
An apology can’t make up for severe trauma, repeated over time, an apology is meaningless when the offender continues the crime after sending the apology without learning any lessons.

This girl has gotten away with several assaults on other women so please, please signal boost this.
Especially if you have followers or are from Canada.

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what have i donE

you just murdered me. thst’s what you did.

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we’re already home

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does anyone else get friend-jealous really easily?

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Australian possum vs American possum 

I had this exact conversation with an Australian friend. She was startled and said that oh, she must have just heard a possum outside her window.


After an amusingly long circular conversation where she thought I was irrationally scared of the adorable little animal on the left, we figured out that we were discussing two very different animals. She sent me a picture, I awwed. Then I sent her a picture.


The last time I saw one that wasn’t roadkill, it was hissing at me from the shadows of a dark driveway I was walking past and I just bolted for a good hundred feet or so out of reflex.

This may be the only time the US wins in a head to head competition for scarier animals with Australia.

the one marsupial we do have, and it’s this fucking thing

There was a mix up and we got Australia’s Possum. 

 American possums scare the fuck out of me. Prob cause I saw one that was like 2 1/2 feet long and like 40 pounds. 

a guy a work with feeds possums in his back yard (we’re australian). each week I give him the left over fruit from work to give to them. he always replies “the possums thank you”. and I think that’s adorable.

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  • american person: *writes date*
  • me: but there is no 15th month

Luke’s Bunny Fluff


a masterpost about my favorite part of luke’s body


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tweets to american airlines are so beautiful

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This is actually true and could make a difference

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